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Take the following ingredients: the guitarist + former keyboard player & drummer of Kasba, former bassplayer of Benjamin Winter and a frontlady who moves you, seduces and blows you away! Mix it up and ENGO is born!

The band members have played some of Holland's biggest venues several times such as the main hall of Paradiso, Melkweg, 013, Patronaat and the Heineken Music Hall. But, now the time has come to introduce ENGO to the world!
ENGO is a new crossover rock band from Noord-Brabant that mixes rock, pop, funk, metal and alternative dance music, best described as: Brutepop!

The band started in 2006 and spent a year in the studio creating their own sound, style and repertoire. The result is a playlist full of varied and energetic rock songs. ENGO doesn't just create a new mix of styles, but a whole new style of mixing! The band is characterized by a colorful open rock sound based on a solid foundation of bass and drums with a thick layer of guitars, keys, samples and vocals on top.