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Eat The Gun



“It’s a long way to the top, that’s what everybody says, but sometimes it rather feels like going down…we don’t give a fuck anyway.” (ETG, 2007)

2003 – Four young guys with a bunch of old school Rock ‘n’ Roll songs enter the Fishtone Studios in Bremerhaven/Germany. The band’s name: EAT THE GUN. Back in those days they haven’t played a single show despite some private concerts in their rehearsal room (which is by the way one of the dirtiest and worst smelling places imaginable). Within a few days the first songs are recorded and nobody doubts that these four guys know how to rock! Two months later the bands’ first live show takes place at the SO36, a cult club in Berlin, where they are invited to support the German Punkrock Band Donots. The crowd seems a little confused by ETG’s heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll sound that had been regarded as dead for a long time….

“I remember that Eat The Gun have doubtlessly been the loudest support band we’ve ever had!” (Donots guitar player Guido, 2005)

Eat The Gun are touring Germany in 2004 playing about 130 shows and, among others, supporting the Scandinavian band HIM, where they for the first time rock more than 5000 fascinated fans. In the same year the band’s nominated to take part in one of Europe’s biggest band contests in Bilbao/Spain. They return to Germany as winners and owners of the money needed for the recordings of their first album “Cross Your Fingers”. In the summer of 2004 the band enters the local Principal Studios together with their producer Matthias “Strsl” Strass. It takes about 2 months to record the album – but the band members differ about their musical vision. A few weeks before “Cross Your Fingers” is released on the bands’ own label Eattitude Records, their lead guitar player Simon leaves.

“We’ve been playing together since we were young teenagers, so Simon leaving the band was a tough choice for all of us.” (Phil, 2006)

It takes a few months to find the new lead guitar player Nick van Delft. By then Eat The Gun have played about 200 shows and a couple of big festivals. “Cross Your Fingers” is released in March 2006, hardly 2 years after the band has finished the recordings. Although the album sells pretty well and the press praises it, Eat The Gun are dissatisfied with their achievements. The band’s sound has become much heavier and far more individual. In early 2007 the band feels ready to record their second album. They have written lots of new songs which are far more seasoned and energetic than anything they’ve ever done before.

“We’ve played so many shows over the last 3 years which made us much stronger…and those goddamn nerds of the music business are wasting their money on shitty indie bands who can’t even play their instruments…that sucks big-time. We don’t need that kind of bullshit – we don’t wanna take the piss out of the kids we just wanna rock with them!” (Hendrik, 2007)

The gun’s loaded and won’t miss its target – all you ungifted cry-babies, big rock’s coming home!