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A letter from singer Zak Tell
Here I am, sitting in front of a blank text file trying to come up with something original to write that will grab your attention and keep you reading until the end, now how the hell do I succeed with that? With so many bands out there it must be kind of hard to keep up the interest & always feel inspired & 7 albums into our career we can't expect everyone to be thrilled about another Clawfinger release! After all we're probably seen as a bunch of grumpy old men stubbornly doing what we've always done! That may very well be the case but the simple truth is also that we still love what we do, still feel we have a unique approach, a message & a musical style that is very different from most of the other bands out there.

I'm proud of what we've accomplished & I feel good about how persistent we've been while still having the balls to tread new ground with the music we've created! Or as Jocke would put it "We're the first and best rapmetal band on the face of the earth, plain and simple!" Life Will Kill You is no great departure in any way, it's a continuation of everything we've ever done right, a melting pot of all our influences past & present! If "Hate Yourself with Style" was our hardcore punch in your face then "Life Will Kill You" is a slightly more subtle jab in the ribs, a bit more melodic & just a little more thoughtful, still there's not alot of beating around the bush, important issues still need to be adressed, real feelings still need to be expressed & we still have to be here doing just that, it's what we do best....and in all honesty all we know how to do!

For obvious reasons what you're reading here isn't very objective at all & there's no reason why it should be, this is the truth according to us & the idea of letting someone else put together a bunch of bullshit about our band doesn't feel very appealing & that's why I chose to write this myself! So we're still here, we're still doing our own thing, making music that
Feels good to us & for those simple reasons I think you should be interested! I was asked to mention record sales, tv-games & other things we've done that have promotional value & can be used to our advantage & now I have! If you really want that kind of boring information I'm sure you can find what you need on the internet or by mailing our record company or management! I'm not a used car salesman, I'm a guy in a band who is in love with music & all I'm asking of you is that you give our 7th album an honest listen.

- Zak