Welcome to the website of the EIER MIT SPECK FESTIVAL, which is providing you with bacon and eggs as well as fantastic bands ever since 2006! We are located in Viersen, which is near the Dutch border but also not too far away from Düsseldorf or Mönchengladbach (if you need to fly in, Düsseldorf is the nearest airport). The festival's official address is: am Hohen Busch / Josef-Kaiser-Allee 1, D-41747 Viersen, Germany. There is a big camping site right next to the festival area, which opens up on the Thursday of the festival's weekend and closes down on the Monday after the festival. You will also find all kinds of infrastructure needed for a happy festival chap such as showers, toilets, breakfast, after show party etc.

The EIER MIT SPECK FESTIVAL is a 3-day-lasting open air festival with a mixed blend of bands - you will find pop, rock, ska, reggae, singer songwriter, heavy metal, punk, folk and many more music genres at our festival - check out our current line-up!

Please be aware that besides this little piece of information our website's content is available in German only - some of it will work for English-speaking guests, too, but we know that this does not apply to all of it. But: we like to be in personal contact with our Speckies, so all questions you may have while surfing through our website can be directed to us via email - just email us on info@eiermitspeck.de and we'll get back to you!

We hope to see you soon at EIER MIT SPECK - rock on!